Zum goldenen Hirschen

  • TV-Spot "#ZIPFELRAUSCH – The Gnomercy Party | MediaMarkt"

    Zipfelrausch - The Gnomercy Party | Case Study

    Zipfelrausch - The Gnomercy Party


    Branche: Handel

    Standort: Zum roten Hirschen

    Since 2015, everything at Germany’s biggest electronics retailer has revolved around the slogan “Hauptsache ihr habt Spaß!” IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU HAVING FUN! And in December 2017, that was exactly the message to be spread among the people, who were already in festive mood. 

    In other words, out with the standard emotional Christmas tearjerkers and in with the fun! Even for Germany’s most boring, narrow-minded citizens: the common garden gnomes!

    Because thanks to the electronics equipment in the house next door, our miniature monotones get down for one mega-ecstatic gnomercy party – in the cinema, online and with short teaser commercials also on TV.